Traditional Incubator Memberships:

Rental Costs – The monthly fee includes the incubator facilities, the incubator program, and all related amenities.
Monthly Office Rent – $250-$350 per month, partially furnished
Lease Terms: 12-month flex leases (no lease break fees with 60 day notice)
Business Incubation support services:
Pro bono mentoring from industry and area-specific professionals, including legal, financial, human resources, marketing, intellectual property, and more.
Collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs in an innovative and supportive environment.
Business development seminars and workshops covering relevant small business topics
Promotion of client news, milestones and events through written, print, online and social media outlets.
High-level strategic guidance and commercialization assistance.
Back office support

Virtual Memberships:

Entrepreneurship Memberships:

The incubator offers a virtual membership for entrepreneurs who are interested in taking advantage of the program and some of the facilities, but do not need to lease full-time office space. In addition to the program, virtual clients receive access to workspace, lounge, and conference centers when they need to work or host a meeting.

Professional Memberships:

Professional memberships provide established business owners a discounted workshops venue and the use of the WEEE facilities for scheduled workspace and business client meetings.

A subscriptions and opportunities to advertise in the monthly WEEE email publication is provided to all members of Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence.


Memberships are renewed annually.