CEO Coffee Roundtable – Money Talks

coffee-with-the-ceo-vector-logo-400x400 webCoffee – Entrepreneurs – Opportunity are small group discussions on topics involving “money.”  “Money Talks” focus is the high end topics of money and investments that women often have minimal exposure.  The conversations include investments, Self -Directed IRA and 401K, Stock Market and CD rates, and how to read and write an annual report.

This CEO Mastermind Group is for savvy business owners looking to learn the highly successful wealth strategies.  These discussions are open to both women and men as WEALTH BUILDING IS A FAMILY ENDEAVOR.   Knowledgeable professionals from the banking, investment and insurance industries facilitate these conversations.


MONEY TIP OF THE MONTH  –  Your savings will erode if you’re not investing

Burying cash in coffee cans in your yard is a terrible long-term investing plan. If it manages to survive the elements, it will still be worthless given enough time.finance_growingmoney - web

If your money isn’t growing, it is losing purchasing power to inflation, the rise of prices over time. For instance, you’d need $288 in 2014 to buy the same stuff you could get for $100 in 1980, according to this Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator.

Inflation has been about 3 percent a year or less for the past 20 years. The Federal Reserve Bank suggests that your savings must earn a minimum of 3 percent a year just to retain their current value.