Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy encompasses your mindset, emotions, and behaviors with money. Personal finance is an integral part of your life and provides a structure and means for the lifestyle you choose – a standard of where and how you live now and in the future. Emotional and cultural factors of budgeting and spending, income to debt ratios, and financial behavior modification should be addressed as elements of financial literacy. Personal money management is not complicated but does require financial goals, self-awareness, and self-discipline with spending whether cash or credit, and the documentation of income against expenditures.

Financial Freedom Series (FFS)

The Financial Freedom Series is delivered in seven session that seek to develop knowledge and skills in money management, budgeting and spending, credit, savings and investing, and becoming an informed and responsible consumer. Credit repair and debt relief are seriously addressed in this program. The course includes interactive simulations that replicate real-world financial decisions from a variety of cultural and demographic perspectives.

Business Financial Literacy (BFL)

Small business owners who complete this program gain in depth knowledge of the credit system, bank / lender culture, and access to capital. Bridging good personal financial skills into business finance positions the small business for growth. Understanding financial documents: the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements tell the story of your business and enhance your credibility for banker/lender decisions. We coach you to build on your strengths, keep your business relevant, and unlock the potential of where your business is going.

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