Business Strategy Development

In today’s dynamic business environment, strategic development is paramount for organizations seeking growth and long-term sustainability. A well-defined business strategy serves as a roadmap, providing direction, focus, and a competitive edge. It enables companies to capitalize on strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and seize opportunities in the market, while also fostering adaptability and innovation to navigate through uncertainty and change. By aligning resources, priorities, and efforts towards common objectives, business strategy development positions organizations to drive performance, build resilience, and create lasting value for stakeholders.

Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence propels entrepreneurs towards success by harnessing the GrowthWheel tool-kit and other evidence-based strategies, ensuring their ventures are meticulously crafted and positioned for economic growth and sustainability.

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GrowthWheel, a visual decision-making and action planning toolkit, assists both new and existing entrepreneurs by building your businesses through a simple action-oriented process: determining which areas require your immediate focus to strengthen and grow. All businesses face four basic challenges: Attractive Business Concept, Strong Organization, Lasting Customer Relations, and Profitable Operations.

Make Decisions – Take Action

Business consultants at WEEE utilize the GrowthWheel toolkit to assist entrepreneurs in any stage of business to see clearly where assistance is necessary for growth and focus. Through analysis, planning, strategy and goals, the results received when utilizing the GrowthWheel tools are decisions, actions, directions, and milestones.

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Applications have CLOSED and program is full for the April cohort.

Applications are OPEN NOW for the Summer 2024 cohort.

Applications are accepted through April 12 at 11:59 PM EST for the Summer 2024 cohort.

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